Sunday, 4 March 2018

Happy Birthday Daddy

Well, today is your birthday, March 5th, four days before your favourite daughter's birthday, Róise, the dog.
In many ways you are like most fathers of my generation, sometimes quiet, often just listening to me talking at you.

However, you have so many qualities that make you MY daddy.
For as long as I can remember I have asked you for help or advice. At school, it was help with history and geography homework and as I've grown up and gone to university it has evolved into exam and career advice. Despite my never ending talking, I do listen to you and value your advice.
Another thing that I cherish about you is your life experience. Not just because you are older than me and quite possibly wiser, but because you have done so much in your life, travelled and lived in so many places and encountered people from all over the world from so many walks of life. I often talk about the places you've been, reciting stories (you may have told more than once!), often even on dates!

You aren't one to compliment often but when you do, whether it's about something I've designed for work or written for college, a new dress or jacket I'm wearing, I'm always chuffed to hear you compliment it.
Your fantastically sharp and mad sense of humour never fail to make me smile. Your daily dose of hilarious responses in the family WhatsApp group make me laugh out loud! I hope your sense of humour and quick wit are things I have inherited, even just a fraction of.
There is something so nice, and that makes me feel like a child again when I hug you and mammy goodnight every night when I'm home from Dublin. At almost 22 years old I love that it is something we've always done in our household. You might not read us bedtime stories, make sure we've brushed our teeth or brush our hair (much more gently than mammy did!) anymore but a hug goodnight is something I always love about being home.

I think it might be fair to say we are quite similar people personality wise. People often think we look quite alike too (minus the beard!). The former is both a good and a bad thing. We sometimes argue about stupid things (our common stubbornness comes into play here).
However, I still love you to the moon and back and look up to you now, and always (and not just because you're 6’3”).
Happy Birthday Daddy!

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