Monday, 13 March 2017

From the hills of Donegal and back again...

Only in recent years have I grown to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me in my home county. Growing up, almost every weekend we would head off as a family to one of the many beautiful beaches, walks, mountains or cliffs in Donegal. Eventually I grew bored of what I saw to be just a walk, the same walk we had done maybe fifty times or more. I failed to notice the magnificent scenery that I took for granted, the budding trees in Spring or the sweet scented flowers in Summer. 

Particularly in the past year and a half while I have been living in Dublin I have come to miss those family walks, for the company and breathtaking beauty that was only a stone's throw away. I have been very fortunate to have such spectacular surroundings in which to develop my photography skills. It was easy to take a beautiful picture but having learnt how to properly use my camera I am now able to do my surroundings some sort of justice in showcasing its beauty to those not fortunate to live in Donegal.
Ard's Friary is the place we go for walks most often as its only a ten minute drive. There are several beaches along the walk, the most beautiful being Lucky Shell beach. When we get some sunshine this beach looks like the Mediterranean, with turquoise blue water and sail boats anchored by the shore.
Rathmullan is the beach we go for a walk on if we've gone for lunch in Rathmullan town. It isn't one of my favourite beaches just because you can't swim there and it is often quite busy. However the view from the shore is spectacular and Spring has truly sprung in Donegal this past weekend.
Glenvaegh is a spectacularly beautiful place, there are many different walks and hikes to go on where you are surrounded my hills, a lake and a castle. No matter what season it is Glenvaegh never loses its charm and beauty.

Having been named as no.1 on the Cool List for 2017 by The National Geographic:
With a weather-nibbled coast spotted with sea stacks, Blue Flag beaches and offshore islands, Donegal is a land that feels undiscovered. Last summer, scenes for Star Wars: Episode VIII were filmed on the Inishowen Peninsula. But this area of Ireland is also expecting 2017 to be a big year; there’s an array of reasons to visit, from surfing beaches in Magheraroarty and Ballyhiernan Bay to Horn Head — a driving, walking or cycling loop that squeezes the 1,600-mile Wild Atlantic Way into a 4.5-mile nutshell.'

I think its safe to see its a place to see, despite how far it may seem from Dublin, Galway and Cork, it will be worth it, I promise!


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