Thursday, 16 February 2017

From Prague, with love...

(Photo Credits: Jason Nesbitt)

Another city ticked off the list, this time it was Prague in the Czech Republic, another city I had never considered. This trip was unlike the majority of my trips, in that there were 26 other people with me! The trip to Prague was my second external college trip with Fotosoc and it did not disappoint. We traveled on the Monday afternoon and arrived at our hostel in the early evening. 

Luckily the events officer in the society had done his research and seamlessly got us from the airport to the Mosaic House hostel. I was blown away by the hostel, it was more like a hotel, really cool, modern architecture, a really vibrant foyer and chilled atmosphere. The dorms were also really impressive and much better than a lot of hostels I've seen! After a quick group meeting we headed to The Escape Rooms. We were split into groups before being locked in rooms where we had to solve puzzles in order to escape. We did a similar thing in Budapest last year and I surprised myself with more common sense and problem solving ability than I thought I possessed. After 'escaping' we headed out for food and despite my vote to try local cuisine we ended up in an Italian restaurant. I thought it was quite quirky that the pizzas we ordered were delivered from the Pizzeria across the road, but they were delicious! We had some hilarious conversations over that meal!

The next morning we were up pretty bright and early and got some coffee and pastries from a cute little french bakery on the corner of the street..again yet to try Czech food! 

We then began our first day of adventuring around the city. We walked down by the river towards Charles Bridge which is beautiful and a real melting pot of tourists from all around the world. Despite the beauty we were surrounded by it didn't take away from how absolutely freezing I was! 

We walked to the top of a rather slippy and snow dusted hill to Prague Castle. We had photography passes so we could snap to our hearts content. In the grounds of the palace there was the most stunning cathedral with incredibly detailed stained glass windows. 

One of the highlights of that tour was however the Czech hot dogs and mulled wine that was desperately needed to defrost a bit having spent hours walking around in -10c. 

The architecture in the city was so impressive. At every corner there was another building with such intricate design and detail. The Lennon Wall is really cool and because of the bright colours really stands out against the dark colours of the surrounding buildings.

(Photo Credit: Colin Tonge)

That night we finally went for some Czech food and it was such good comfort food after a cold day. I had chicken schnitzel that they serve with tartar sauce which is such a good addition! After the long day we spent exploring we had a chilled night in with a few drinks and lots of laughs and my little group of buddies and I in our dorm really bonded.

On the Wednesday we went to what we hoped would be a really cool market but as it transpired it was more like a car boot sale but the journey there on the tram did allow us to see more of the city. 

In the afternoon we went to the Museum of Communism which was not really my cup of tea. We then went to a really cool record shop and explored the main shopping area of the city. I ended up going back to the same Czech restaurant that night with a different group and this time had my eye on some goulash and dumplings, which I noticed was different from Hungarian goulash which is more tomato and paprika based. It was delicious and just what I needed to warm me up.

Our last night was spent in a really cool little cocktail bar, one drink turned to two and they were so good! Really did not enjoy the fact people could smoke in the bar though! 

On our last morning a few of us went to the main square where I really got some good shots on my film camera. We saw the famous Clock and saw some Czech buskers.
(Photo credits to Amy O'Connell)

And just like that it was time to go home. Despite the fact we didn't interact with many locals, the surroundings alone made me thoroughly enjoy my visit and gave me a really positive impression of the city.

Another pin prick on the map...where to next hopefully The Netherlands!

(Photo credit: Amy O'Connell)
(Photo Credit: Colin Tonge)


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