Sunday, 6 November 2016

From Bratislava with love...

6:45am....alarm goes off and for a moment I wonder what ungodly hour this is and then I remember I'm off on another adventure, putting another pin prick on my map of the world. I then proceeded to get dressed with one eye still closed holding onto a final few moments of sleep. Stepping outside the air was crisp and cold and as we walked to the bus stop my brain was rudely awoken by the bitterly cold air.

7:50am....pulling into the airport always brings about several emotions for me, I'm always a little bit anxious but also excited, two feelings that tend to go hand in hand I suppose. 
8am....and the glorious aroma of coffee as we walk through the airport calls my name and there's nothing for it but a Venti Starbucks before we make our way to the gate.

9.10am....and we are finally boarding, unexpectedly busy but we have some how managed to have an entire row to ourselves.

1pm....Slovakian time, hours have passed and we have done nothing but chat and catch eachother up on the past almost 2 years of our lives.

1:30pm...bus hoping to make our way across the city to our apartment.

3pm....we have finally made it to our humble abode for the night and after a quick change, makeup touch up and a spritz of perfume we are ready to explore at last.

We struggled slightly to make our way around the city but eventually having wandered for a while stopping at different stalls and shops we began our hunt for some Slovakian or at least Eastern European dinner.

We found a pub/restaurant down a cobbled street and decided to have a look, quickly realizing there wasn't another soul in the place we decided a drink would be the best idea and then find somewhere else for dinner. The beer was lovely and brewed in their own brewery, the Monastic Brewery.

Perhaps at a different time of day there would have been more of a crowd there for food and more of a guarantee of good grub.

We wandered on and found Divny Janko. Having to request in English was the first promising sign in my mind, if this was where the locals ate, we may just have struck gold. We decided to split our orders to try a few different things and ended up ordering chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce with stewed rice, chicken schnitzel, with boiled potatoes and last but not least sauerkraut! The food was delicious and such comfort food. We then split an ice cream Sunday and had an espresso each to keep us going for a few more hours after our early start. The interior of this restaurant was also amazing, with an arched roof, brick walls and bathrooms down in what looked like caves it was quite the experience.


After a delicious dinner we followed Trip Advisor’s advice once again and went to Uisce Beatha Irish bar which again proved quite tricky to find! However, there weren’t many there and it wasn’t the experience of an Irish bar abroad I have seen in places like Brussels. It was a nice little bar though with seats for no more than 20, so for a cosy night it Uisce Beatha is perfect!

We then made our way down a cobbled streets directed by the one and only Google Maps to another Irish bar that other than its mini thatched roof cottages in the smoking area and as the entrance to the bathroom didn’t have much of an Irish feel about it either. We stayed there for one last drink and then headed back to the apartment for an early enough night to make the most of our morning the next day before flying home.
On our way to a taxi we came across the Oldtown which is what we had been looking for all evening to we made sure to take note of where it was to go and explore it the next day.
7am….once again an early start, this time to go on the hunt for our last supper (breakfast) in Bratislava.

With the help of our trusty tour guide Google, we found our way back to the Oldtown and found Mondieu. With cakes and pastries filling their windows we couldn’t walk past. The menu was overwhelming and choosing was almost impossible! Everything from the freshly squeezed orange juice to the avocado on sourdough with sundried tomatoes was delicious and their coffee was amazing, so amazing in fact that I bought a bag of their Brazilian blend!

We then spend our final few hours looking in the gift shops and treating ourselves to a new Caprisa handbag each.
11:30am….Heading back to the airport we agreed that it wasn’t a city we wished we had more time in for the fact that there didn’t seem to be a lot to do and it wasn’t very lively. The people were friendly, the food was great but the city it’s self was quite dull and rundown.

No.1 Tip: Download both Uber and 5€ Taxi apps. Uber cost us only €6 from the Oldtown to the airport, which was a 20 minute drive and 5€ Taxi was very handy to get around the city when we didn’t know our way.

4pm….So 33 hours later, another country has been ticked off the list, my goal to be spontaneous and venture outside my comfort zone between 20 and 21 is being fulfilled and I had such a wonderful time catching up with a great friend.


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