Sunday, 19 June 2016

Pessimist turned optimist...

I have always been, in my mind, the person who thought realistically about situations but time and again it has been made clear to me I was being pessimistic more so than realistic. This meant that in every proposition given to me I would think of the 'what ifs' and dissect the suggestion looking for problems. Although that was partly to do with my need to be the one to come up with ideas and make decisions I have realised it had a lot to do with me being very much a pessimist which I presumed was just my personality.
Recently however I have noticed a change in my outlook on life, I have become the person that suggests to others to look at the positives of a situation and am content to wait things out and not stress about situations, be that looking for a summer job or a house for my 2nd year of college. The new found happiness in my life has changed me from quite the pessimist to very much an optimist!
This new outlook on life and all the possibilities that are out there if I am only bold enough to believe in myself and the potential of a positive outcome has allowed me to become more spontaneous.
My lack of spontaneity was something I felt always held me back because of my desire to always know exactly what is happening and to plan every detail of a trip well in advance. The uncertainty of unknown problems put me on edge and made me anxious to 'go with the flow'. This has completely changed since going to University, small things like deciding to go out with friends at the last minute or auditioning for the Panto in DCU despite stepping into the great unknown of these situations I allowed myself to embrace these opportunities and they are yet to have a negative outcome! This made me wake up to the fact that there's an element of excitement in the 'great unknown' and not planning everything to a T. By the end of my first year in college I had auditioned for a TV show, booked an impromptu trip to England and had some of the best nights out that happened on a whim.

This new found positivity has given me a new perspective on life and belief in myself that I can try new things and step outside of my comfort zone and accept the outcome whether positive or negative and learn from that.


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